thinkin bout headin down to champaign thurs-sat or so

back in the usa!!! a little rest (incl. some packing / organizing / tossing stuff work) before running off again

opting for the cheap one made me flunk an interview :c

there's this cool new game from zachtronics called Eliza. it's about a machine-learning-y approach to mental health. it's incredibly seattle-based. @asparagi i think you would like it a lot!!!! it's also a visual novel so it requires very little keyboard interaction (i think there's shortcuts for everything but i'm not sure).

i'm not done with it yet, but it's hitting pretty close to home a lot so far.

i got my new laptop set up! a cheap x230. i'm 9/10 pleased with it (wifi is finicky tho, but that might be my local network?)

@ian5v the people to the left of me are speaking german. the people in front of and to my right are speaking spanish.

defcon is pleasantly international. i have used both my spanish and my japanese so far.

spilled water in my laptop! it’s dead.

i do good backups so i’m fine but ugh, i wanted to stretch this one another 2-4 years.

squashed another bug in fixing couples mode!!!

diamond age spoilers 

@asparagi per our discussion earlier today, an except from "a young lady's illustrated primer"

there is a dude at black dog rn who i have definitely seen before, wearing a patch that said

“yes, i’ve had black dog. no, it’s not that good.” or something roughly to that effect

i graduated! cutesec folks, i’ll see y’all at 2600/dc217 this summer.

the ddr tournament is this weekend. sunday morning at 11 is the demoscene-y part of it. you can tune in to the stream at

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