Three straight large meals of sushi is too much.

Ah....banished from facebook once again. For responding "crazy russians" to a video where 3 russians attempted to find out how much explosive was required to breech a concrete wall.

I finally came up with a name for the hair style I've had for years.

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If one can become discombobulated, can one then become combobulated? Like "I was feeling pretty discombobulated this morning, but now that I've had my coffee, I am feeling much more combobulated."

Retoots for visibility appreciated. I'd like to get to the bottom of this important question. :-)

It was 80F at 1am Friday. Ask me how I know. It was 75F at 3am. Ask me how I know. Fuck I hate the days when it doesn't cool off.

Getting up early enough is complicated by it being over 75F until 1am.

I can now play Fallout Shelter on my car. We live in the future.

Better table leaf latches installed, most of the leaf offset problem fixed. Flipping a 5'x5' 150lb table with legs that angle out at the corners back onto it's legs is fairly difficult even at my size.

Well, that interview seemed to go quite well. Yay!

I've got a bunch of dumb hick cousins in the south. Super nice people, if you're family, but you're going to want to give them some time to solve tough problems like simple math. I had a tech conference with a guy who sounded like the Georgia version of the same accent they have, and could NOT take him seriously as a well educated tech expert for like a year, just because of how he talked. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

My hair was annoying me, so I was considering cutting it. Had a super bad nights sleep during which my hair annoyed me a couple of times. So when I woke up, I decided it was time to cut my hair. Should have waited until I'd eaten and slept more. Forgot the clipper guard. Shaved myself as bald as clippers will go. Now my many many scalp scars and indents show clearly.

rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble!

I've watched more than 20 hours straight of Beavis and Butthead now. Even I am shocked I'm not tired of it. I'm definitely not tired of the music videos. Damn I miss MTV being a video channel.

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I sure wish mastodon would tell me what the fuck the (2) next to the tab means, cause it should me something specific to me, but when I come here there is no indication of what it is. No replies, no direct messages, nothing.

A friend who teaches the style of kung fu I did has started streaming her classes. I cannot sufficiently convey how fucking awesome that is. 2nd class in, and I think my whole body is going to break, but fuck I love this.

Fallout Radio! 8pm Tuesdays and Thursdays on WPCD 88.7FM the Parkland College radio station.

Billion dollar corporations want a bail out? Great! They can get loans at the bad student loan rates, penalties and credit attacks.

There's nothing like a massive emergency to really highlight how fucking horrible humans are and also how fucking amazing humans are.

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