It's always interesting to see how experiences differ based on location, and how a place's meaning is applied differently!

Thank you for clarifying & congratulations to Philly on obtaining its first (to our knowledge) toy library.

My local library also "lends" a handful of passes to local festivals, the science centre, private parks & trail systems. On certain days, they have a program where you can also "borrow" an elder and listen to their stories & learn from their experiences.

I'm pretty sure those are unique services at my local, as I don't recall that in Timmins, Ottawa, North Bay, or Victoria (BC).

Libraries in all those locations (plus Sudbury) offer the previously listed lending options (tools, toys, cameras, tech), in varying degrees, except possibly North Bay.

I always took it for granted and assumed it was a typical practice where libraries existed. Sad to see it isn't so, but happy to see new options are (finally) starting to fill those gaps.


@srgray @pixouls A toy library/art supply sharing venue is super cool! I can confirm that formal object sharing programs by mainstream organizations seem vanishingly rare in the US.

In that vein, a few years ago I found out that the Urbana Free Library has board games and a whole bunch of other objects you can check out:

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