Our local library does 3-D printing as a service. You email them files or URLs, they vet it, you pay, they print, you pick it up. Works as advertised, very low effort, no skill requirement if you use someone else's existing design. Highly recommend.

I know of multiple libraries that do 3-D printing, maybe yours does too!

There are several free designs for neat things to 3-D print at Pinshape, including clothing tags, light switch identifiers, a Sudoku board, and a dishwasher clean/dirty flag.


I'm still learning (always), so I'm going to try out these fridge magnets. They have large letter cutouts at the top, which looks very distinguishable by touch, Braille at the bottom, and alignment triangles to chain letters together.


@asparagi One more thing you could look into, made with actual feedback from VI people for a change, are braille dice:
Unfortunately there are no printing services at libraries here, not that I know of. I got my first set from a friend, needing to pay only for the shipping (which was more than 500 % cheaper than buying them from Shapeways would have been). They're a little rough, but I love them so much!


@Mayana That's awesome! Thank you for the tip. I'll definitely try those.

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