Ubuntu users, please take note, and boost if possible, this bug report about installer issues with Orca. The OS installer is the first thing many users will experience of an OS, and since, for better or worse, Ubuntu is the "flagship" end-user-facing Linux distro, accessibility should be kinda important. I know, volunteers and accessibility don't pay the bills and all that. Whatever. I'm done discussing that, I'm tired of excuses. Below is a link to the bug report:


#accessibility #a11y #linux #foss #ubuntu #orca

@devinprater To anyone following up on this, please go add bug heat to the issue.

That's the best way to signal to canonical engineers is if the bug gets enough "heat" to get prioritized over current monetary objectives.

Subscribing and marking the issue as "affects me" will contribute to bug heat in the launchpad platform

@chuck @devinprater I notice that the ticket is marked incomplete and the reporter has been asked to run a command in the terminal. Will bug heat on a ticket marked incomplete do anything?

This bug seems very early and disruptive. I'm not an Ubuntu user, so I don't know their installer and have to ask: is it even possible for anyone who needs a screen reader to get to a terminal from the installer given this bug? My guess is no.


@chuck From help.ubuntu.com/community/Repo it sounds like the next step would be either:

1. The original reporter sends a direct message to the triager explaining that the bug prevents access to the terminal.
2. A sighted Ubuntu user reproduces this bug, completes the installation, and submits a new bug report.

Quite the live demo of what @devinprater has been saying about and poor .

@chuck @devinprater Hmm, it looks like the dev who just submitted a merge request for a possibly-similar screenreader issue at install time (bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sou, report apparently submitted in 2013) marked and then unmarked 1941003 as a duplicate. There is a merge request in code.launchpad.net/~thesquash/. If this merge doesn't fix 1941003 as well, maybe this dev is already spun up and could be interested in working on it.

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