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I’m Bren. I like to hack , , cloth, and wood. I’m interested in hacking , mobile apps, , and . I read a lot of .

I live in Urbana, IL with two housemates, three , three , some servers, some radio gear, and a few chronic problems. If you want to meet me in person, stop by sometime.

Covid-adjacent, food 

Covid-adjacent, food 


food but not eating, covid-adjacent 

food but not eating 

I think this will be the first plant to bloom in my yard this year. Interesting since last year, I'm pretty sure the other end of the yard bloomed first by a week or two.

Since I can't seem to find the image description feature in my Mastodon client:
A lone daffodil plant growing through many dry, brown leaves. It has reached nearly its full height and has one large yellow bud.


privacy violation 

My snail mail today, in huge type:

"Life Just Got Simpler"

Right below this:

2 debit cards with a VERY previous employer's name on them

My response, thinking of the long series of phone calls & emails I am about to launch to deal with this:

"No, it didn't. :("

Did you know... that rebooting a Mac mini repeatedly (mostly using the power button instead of a clean shutdown) when it can't find its monitors will cause it to overheat, making it even flakier at finding monitors?

Me neither. I hope no one ever needs this bit of trivia ever again. :(

grammar, widespread assumptions of monogamy 

Progress! Last night Alien brought me:
- 2 coozies to the opposite end of the room
- 3 coozies next to me
- 1 Q-tip to the opposite end of the room
- a coozy next to my seat while I was up
- 1 coozy next to me

He got many treats for all 4 next to me!

(For those not following along, Alien is my , and I am trying to teach him to play fetch. He's been trying to figure it out, but we've been stuck on bringing coozies to the opposite end of the room for months!)

Apparently when you have business insurance, you have to do an annual audit. Or maybe they are doing the audit, and I am providing the data? Unclear, but it's due today & uses information I haven't finished collecting. At least I'm closer than I was 24 hours ago, and it's information I will also find valuable.

The amount of time it takes to do all this overhead stuff is large, and the same even though I physically can't work a full day.

I have an awesome new handheld keyboard/mouse in my mix of input devices: the Rii i4. It does Bluetooth and 2.4GHz, with a hotkey to move between modes. In retrospect, it seems obvious, but just now, I discovered that as long as 1 device is a USB host, I can use this keyboard like the K part of a 2-port KVM.

My only complaint is that I can't find a great position for my right hand, so I can't use it that long at once. But they're all like that.

The irony of not being able to find my notes about organizing my office is large.

Modern lens technology is amazing. You have weird old glasses frames you love & want to reuse? We'll make you lenses that fit them! You need a different prescription for different activities? We'll make you a lens with two prescriptions! You don't like the line where the prescription changes? We'll fade one prescription into together so there is a smooth transition! ❤️

Just opened a new Bluetooth keyboard I'm trying. Linux install instructions are in the obligatory tiny booklet. I've never seen that before.

I'm a BSD person & am going to become a proper Linux user tomorrow under some duress, but seeing a contender from my general part of the OS space is pretty cool. I think I'm ready to start rooting ;) for Linux.

[This adapter]( converts nearly any USB keyboard & mouse into a Bluetooth keyboard & mouse.

Unix, implied swearing 

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