Today I passed what was obviously @thegibson's home town: Gibson City. This feels like the perfect place for a hacker party at some point.

I know some people are still upset about the original HP ENVY lines being discontinued in 2012.

Just remember, you can still get the original HP in your local grocery store. I hope this offers some consolation.

In related news, TIL HP sauce is a thing.

I just started my first real woodworking project and plan on taking it from "a tree growing in our yard" to "a finished cutting board". I've worked with lumber here and there, but working with green wood and drying it myself is a whole new thing for me! I expect there to be some failures during the learning experience.

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doyensec looked into WiFi direct (the thing that lets you send files from one phone to another without any internet access nor WiFi) and found multiple minor issues in all 3 implementations that they investigated.

The punchline is that if you accept a transfer from someone, you might get more than you bargained for. They claim one of the bugs is wormable, but provide no mechanism to bypass the acceptance prompt nor to gain code execution, so I don't believe them.

Hey @stevelord, do you know of anyone getting the original secret of monkey island working on modern computers? I tried virtualbox and Win 98, but that went poorly (driver support, then it just stopped working altogether).

I feel like I should be able to play games that I bought, on O/See that I bought. I still have a CD-ROM drive too.

I could really use some neighborly help from someone who has a clue about ZFS.

Boot disk won't mount b/c I have 3 pools with the same name (the 2 dupes are from previous installs). I can import the correct one by ID from my initramfs shell. How can I destroy the other two?

Status and list commands don't help me because they only show things successfully imported.

Boosts appreciated! I've spent all last weekend on this. :'-(

"In Big Sur Apple decided to exempt many of its apps from being routed thru the frameworks they now require 3rd-party firewalls to use (LuLu, Little Snitch, etc.)

Q: Could this be (ab)used by malware to also bypass such firewalls?

A: Apparently yes, and trivially so"

Pics are also from Patrick.

We got a command prompt but can't load the O/S... so where is the code that is providing this GUI coming from? Not the floppy disk, obviously. Wacky!

Fixed a thermometer, now we are working on booting an Amiga 500. (picture is what we want to see, but there appears to be a bad disk)

We still play video games in this house. To those who think it's horrible to wear out vintage stuff like this... games are safe in their sleeves, but that's not what games ate for! They are for playing. :-D

Twitter isn't letting people post. I prefer federated downtime. At least then I can hop on another instance and still toot away. :-P

I just learned that there is gaming company named Razor and that they have an adorable mascot names Sneki Snek.

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