For those looking to contribute to decentralization, may I suggest 802.11s (mesh networks)? There is some good documentation out there, such as but I haven't seen any turn key solutions. Something like "run this shell script and you will have created or joined a mesh network".

I'm also not sure what the state is with mobile devices being able to join a mesh. It *sounds* like it'd require a mesh access point, but connecting to and acting as a mesh point would be awesome! This Is Not That, but i think it's something we should be passing around for us embedded hardware nerds (esp32 + LoRa):

as far as embedded shiz goes, it's as plug and play as it gets. right now it's just messaging but sometimes that's all one needs. i'm looking to integrate & track the protocol with my own embedded projects.

we gotta do something.

@purple Absolutely. I've actually added this one to my list as well. I have limited time and digital electronics experience, but I'd be happy to learn (though that doesn't solve the first limitation).

I like that the 802.11 is already out there, waiting to be repurposed. But ESP32's seem to be cheap and readily available. Combine that with long range and a low barrier to entry and that's pretty 🔥

@spacekookie @adam I think I remember that many wifi chips don't properly implement 802.11s, is that true?

@pinkprius @spacekookie @adam afaik does use 802.11. One option for „easy“ mesh networking ist gluon. Made by german freifunkers, it’s an openwrt distribution.

@pinkprius @adam yea, and it requires support in the firmware which is not present on mobile devices without custom rom and root :(

@jpaul Had it since the public beta a few years ago. 😁 I even spent a few days digging into the code.

Is the code any good? I've been using it more and more.

@jpaul I didn't find any security problems with the code, but the spec doesn't match the code. My goal was to write my own implementation that was interoperable with Briar.

Why, you might ask? So I could do unexpected things like send messages out of order, muck up requests, attempt replay attacks, oh and use Briar to notify me when one of my servers is down or when it's time to shut the windows (based on temperature sensors).

Just reading through your history, I wondered if you also follow yunohost. I am playing with that a little and love the concept.

@jpaul I haven't really checked it out, but I do know someone who uses it and I have an account on their server.

From a user's perspective, it seems like it's trying to get a bunch of different packages to work together smoothly, but that's about all I know.

I'll put it on my list to look over and see if it'd be a good match for me.

Dear @jpaul,

You seem to know about lots of cool projects. We should hang out sometime.

Also, because of you pointing out cool stuff, now my list of cool stuff to investigate is even longer. I guess, as they say, it's a good problem to have.

Thanks for sharing!

AFAIK, attempts with pre-configured Freedombox or OLPC weren't successful.

When I tried, the easy road was OpenWRT+OLSR. EG:

@mu @pinkprius @spacekookie @aurorus @Yop 👀 I am very interested in this! Thanks for the tip. ❤

Ripping off (and thus being compatible with) the design of people who are already doing this in practice sounds like a great idea. Plus then there are people who can benefit from any improvements I might make down the line.

@adam @mu @pinkprius @spacekookie @aurorus
I liked building these antennas from food can in the 802.11b era… 😊

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