Has anyone successfully implemented Git over Tor?

I know hosting a repo server is a vastly different beast, but it may help to start somewhere

As far as I know, Gogs and Gitea are fully FOSS, server-side too (no proprietary "enterprise" versions), can be isolated pretty well, and don't look like they're stuck in 1995

But I don't know the internals well enough to see if an entire Hidden Service alternative to GitHub or GitLab can be done in these or something similar

Gitea is a fork of Gogs

@cypnk I have used git to push to a hidden service (GitLab). Just prefix your `git push` with "torsocks". I didn't set up that GitLab server, but if you want I can ask and see if the person who did has notes they would be willing to share.


@cypnk I would expect Gitea to be easy to set up as a hidden service.

GitLab is free software (as in speech), even the enterprise features. The enterprise features are not free as in beer. There is a license check to enable the enterprise features like having issues that are Epics and linking issues with "blocks X/blocked by X". Those are the only two enterprise features that I've seen that I am interested in, but it's not worth $5/month/user for a personal server.

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