If anyone is interested in supporting a sustainable computing project, eoma68 has been around for years. They have been working out manufacturing issues for a long time and it's impressive to see them sticking with it. There is a lot of passion and community there.

That is terrible:

Allwinner A20 dual core processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of NAND flash

with specs like that is totally unusable ....

@erm67 Seemed pretty reasonable in 2016, but that was quite a while ago. @adam

@murph @erm67 The point isn't the speed of this particular CPU or the amount of RAM, those can always be swapped out for a different set. The point is being able to swap it out, much like desktop computers and previous generations of laptops.

As for the allegation that it will be "completely unusable", I'm not sure. If it ships, I will let you know. Seeing as how people feel that the raspberry pi is usable, I suspect this will be too.

@adam @erm67 I am a supporter of this, and I thought that was a great idea too. But the first generation of these is still to ship, still under development. I hope it comes to fruition, but my hopes are wavering. Releasing this as a concept is a little tough if the utility of it is limited.

@murph @erm67 Yeah. I hope to put together some simple software to really show what it can do. Hopefully someone else will create some awesome hardware demonstrations (tablet, laptop, phone-like device, etc.). Without that, it's just going to be yet another single board computer. 😥

@adam @erm67 I'm still in, and I'd really like to see it take off, but every passing year makes that seem less likely.

@murph @erm67 The fact that people feel that a computer with multiple cores and gigs of RAM and storage, and that they are reasonable to feel this way, really highlights the problem of bloated software.

It's what @stevelord, @aral and others write about.

Nobody will be running Windows 10 on these computers or playing Call of Duty, but nobody does that on their phones either. Without appropriate software, I agree that it'd be useless.

@adam @erm67 @stevelord @aral I agree, but a budget chip from 2012, and 2g of ram will be a tough fit for even a lean Linux distro these days. I think it will be a tough sell for the standard (which is what EOMA68 is) when the device is so far out of date. Yes, you can easily swap in a new one, but the only one available is lagging behind quite a bit.

@murph @adam @erm67 @aral

I think people either get the concept or don't. That 2Gb card arriving soon would be replaced with a more powerful card down the line. But the more powerful ones can only be made if this ships in quantity.

2Gb should be perfectly fine for a BSD. I love the concept and I know how much hard work will go into something like this.

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