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I'm Heather, but most everyone calls me . I recently moved to the area from Des Moines. I am a graduate of , and my focus is in . Looking forward to building connections in . I found through a friend of mine, while looking for a community in IL.

..And the cat has decided that my Macbook is the perfect place for a nap and I don't have the heart to move him..

"Outrunning karma that boy,
He's such a charmer all the
Bugs and their larva follow
Him. And he'll race for miles through the night. He runs because he knows he cannot hide.

is always gonna chase him for his lies.

There's really no escaping 'till he dies."

Need to remember to post here more instead of Twitter. Maybe then I'll strike up some conversation!

Starting today off with a book in my hand and a cat in my lap.

I would like to know how the cat managed to knock every piece of glassware off of the table without being scared away by the first crash..

Late night up with a book and a mug of chai. Just because.

Or it's not that late and I'm just old..

Well now that's interesting. Are you smart or just cautious? Personally I would say just


Kind of cat.
Speaking of which, she's an interesting shade, face split half-way. I should probably get back to those bookshelves..

Snow today. Looks like I'm organizing my bookshelves..

..Why does today have to be so busy..?

It's going to be a late night working..

Things done today:

-Vet trip for Mr. Kitty.
-Cleaned out the pantry.
-Made vegan chili.

...lazy day means no "work" work.

..Not sure if I should boost that last boost if I'm at least half straight. Boosted anyways. In other news, lazy day today.

..Back to the daily grind! The joys of being a working woman.

Well, another week off the charts. Time for a much needed break.

It's Friday again! Imagine that!
Busy week, not only work heavy but "life" heavy! (sigh)

...another week! Time for some leisure time with my bookshelf. I consider myself a bit of a History buff..

Another another . It's almost the weekend!

And now I'm in need of some yerba mate..

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